Duron Media

Web Hosting

We provide hosting of your web sites. Servers that host web sites are located in a secure data warehouse which are home to over 2.5 MILLION other web sites!

Hosting packages range in price depending on different variables of your website such as traffic, space requirements, e-mail accounts, etc. Packages range in price, and we offer discounts to those who opt for a 6 or 12-month contract.

Online Backup/Recovery

If the data on your server or PC's were to be erased right this very moment, what position would your organization be in? What would you do? Has your current vendor gone over a "Disaster Recovery" plan with you? If not, it's often something taken for granted. However if your current vendor has not gone over a plan with you, your organization needs to re-consider the qualifications and standards it has for an IT Service Provider.

Duron Media has several Online backup and Recovery solutions. You can be rest assured that in the event of a Disaster, an Online backup and Recovery solution from Duron Media will have your organization in a position to retain current data and quickly rebound. We offer backup plans that meet SAS 70 certifications and are HIPAA compliant.

Schedule a free consultation and find out how you can be in a position that will eliminate any "What If" scenarios.