Duron Media

IT Services

Duron Media strives to achieve maximum results at the best value. We do this by using current technology and efficient methods.

When partnering with Duron Media for your IT Services, you can be rest-assured that your computer network is reliable, secure, and performs above and beyond your required expectations.

Partnering with Duron Media Prior to working with Duron Media
24/7 Support availableLimited Support
Onsite or Call-in/Chat/Email help deskMultiple Vendors
Increased ProductivityLowered productivity
Reduced CostsUnpredictable, high costs
Trusted PartnerInsufficient control, and confusion

What we do

Duron Media offers a wide range of services that address your specific IT network and systems. We work with each client to deliver a solution that addresses their specific business needs. We even offer 24/7 monitoring and continuous updates to your entire network.

Managed IT Services

It is the 21st century and IT support for every business is immanent. The only thing in question is: What will you get, and at what cost?

With Duron Media as your IT Service Provider, you will have access to the same resources that the big companies have, but at a fraction of the cost! We serve as a comprehensive IT department. From your IT support help desk, network administrator, IT Consultant, trainer, and so on.

Network Design and Planning

It takes more than routers, switches and servers to have an effective network. An effective network must be designed to meet your specific business goals, and must have the capabilities to expand for expected and unexpected growth. Whether you're building a new office, or re-modeling your current one, designing and planning your network takes experience that includes evaluating current requirements and moving forward with a plan.


When factors such as growth and progression force you away from using traditional cabling, Duron Media has the knowledge and experience to provide the design, implementation, and maintenance of your wireless network. We have experience small (LAN) and large (WAN) wireless networks, from small offices, to networks spanning several buildings.

Creating a wireless access point is easy. However, designing safety and security measures of a wireless network requires knowledge, experience, and proper equipment.

Contact us today to find out how we can be your comprehensive IT Service Provider!