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Web Development

Duron Media offers 100% custom designs, made from scratch. We never use pre-made templates. As a result, your web site will have a true, original image. Our team is among the best, and your goals and bests interests are ours. We go above and beyond to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.

The team at Duron Media strives to design a web site with the most value to the client. We work as your partner to help achieve the goals you set forth. We work together to discuss what your needs for a web site are, and develop a solid plan.

Get what you need

Looking to do daily or weekly updates and need for an affordable maintenance package? Looking for a re-design and need a "catchy" new look? Are quick-loading pages a priority for you? Does your site need to be easily viewed by the new-wave of smart-phones and PDA's? We can do all of that and much more. We simply do what it takes to accommodate your needs.

And you can put your mind at ease, because projects with Duron Media begin with a FREE initial consultation. From there, we will develop the best plan of moving forward. Did we mention that we work within any size budget?

Contact us today and find out how we can improve your web presence!

We've likely worked with someone in the same position as you!

  1. Never have had a professional web presence.
  2. Have had a web presence, looking for re-design. Looking for new, fresh approach.
  3. Have had a web presence. Website wasn't appealing, or didn't meet expectations.
  4. Looking for new partner in website design. Not sure how or when to move forward.

The Value you get

We value the uniqueness of every web site and every client. Unlike the competition, we avoid using pre-made and cookie-cutter templates to design your website. Every website we design is custom designed, custom coded from the ground up, by a real web developer residing within the United States. From design, coding, content, and many other details, we design your site to appeal to your target customer, and to achieve a desirable end result.

Working together

We stay in close communication with our clients and have easy-to-use methods and technology that assist with the approval of designs. This eliminates any gray areas, and manages feedback in a very simple manner.


It's increasingly important to know and understand how to appeal to today's web surfer. In today's ever-changing web "lingo," it is called User Interface. We have experience with creating, uploading, and maintaining anything imaginable to a web site. A few examples are: Photo albums, videos, audio (live streams and podcasts), mobile web pages, MySpace/Facebook/Twitter accounts, and much more.

All websites are viewed and tested in the top 4 web browsers (which combined have over 97% of all web viewership) and in multiple Operating Systems (OS) including Linux, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows.

Website Maintenance and Continuous updates

We are always on call to update and maintain your website. When things such as news, specials, promotions, etc. happen, we're just a call or e-mail away from having a timely update to your website.

Often times, it has been requested by the client to train tech-savvy employees to maintain small portions and certain pages of your site (such as news, specials, promotions, and other basic content changes), while you leave the design and other backbreaking work to us.

Setup and Maintenance for Social Networking websites (Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

When you're Facebook account has old, un-updated information and your Twitter isn't “tweeting,” you have customers looking at other competitors that have updated information. Don't get left behind with technology. Duron Media has packages available for Setting up and Maintaining pages for social networking sites.


We offer competitive pricing, and we work within any size budget. Find out how easy it is to partner with Duron Media for your web site needs by contacting us today!